1. Catching Fire
Suzanne Collins
Katniss gets back from Hunger Games. President Snow threatens her for what she did in the games. She gets put in Quarter Quell with Peeta. She finds out there is no District 12.
2. The Great Hamster Massacre
Katie Davies
A girl named Anna and her friend Suzanne want a pet hamster. The hamsters always die and their parents say their just bad news. They get new hamsters, but one runs away, ones leg gets bit off after having babies, and all the babies die, and they both go on an investigation to find who caused the great hamster massacre!
3. The Hunger Games
Suzzanne Collins
Katniss Everdeen volunteers to be in the Hunger Games instead of he sister. She goes through training and interviews to get her ready for a fight to the death. Then she gets into the Hunger Games, and tries her best to win it all.
4. Number The Stars
Lois Lowry
A girl named Annemarie lives in a small town in Copenhagen. She and her friend Ellen become in danger when Ellen's parents are taken away by the nazi soldiers. Annemarie trys to earn bravery to help save her friends family and goes on a huge adventure trying to do so.
5. A Walk To Remember
Nicholas Sparks
A boy named Landon takes the drama class. He meets Jamie, the pastor's daughter, who doesn't wear the best clothes and hang out with much people. Landon never thought he could possibly like Jamie, but he started to like her when he started to spend more time with her in the play and in and out of school, but then, he found out she had leukimia, a cancer disease. Landon trys everything in his power to show his love for Jamie until her passing.
6. Heaven is for Real
Todd Burpo
Colton Burpo has to get an appendectomy. Colton died during the surgery and went up to heaven. His parents were curious but amazed at what Colton had seen, but also somehow frightened and shocked.
Varied Authors
Movin is a poetry book for teens. It talks about life in different perspectives. It is supposed to inspire teens through what they are going through or have gone through.
8. Out of my Mind
Sharon M. Draper
This book is about a girl with cerebral palsy. She is very smart inside, but barely anyone knew. She thought people just thought she was dumb and useless, but people see her differently when she shows that intelligence.
This book has all the information about giraffes. It talks about how their lifestyle is. It even gives some interesting facts too.
10. Pandas
This book is all about pandas. It talks about what they do in life. It even talks about interesting things that they do that we might not have known of.
11. Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank
Anne Frank was in the middle of World War 2. She was a jew, and her and other families had to go into hiding in the "Secret Annexe". While she was there, she wrote in her diary about what went on in the secret annexe, and later the families get captured.
12. Amazing Optical Illusions
Terry Jennings
This book is is supposed to mind-blow your eyes. This book shows fantastic illusions that look like something, but really, it's just your eyes that see it. The book tells why you see the things inside it, and how one illusion make your eyes stronger by looking at them.
13. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson
This book is about a Christmas pageant that is about to be ruined. The Herdman family, A.K.A. the most evil kids in school, join the Christmas the LEAD PARTS! Everyone is afraid of what will happen to their ordinary Christmas pageant, and just hope it doesn't get blown up.
14. Indigo
Alice Hoffman
In Oak Grove, there was a huge tragic flood that ruined the town. Everyone soon began to hate water and never want to go near it, accept for Trevor and Eli McGill. They wanted to go back to the ocean with their friend Martha to prove to everyone that the water is safe, but they might not be as safe as they thought they would have.
15. The Mysterious Guest House
Ken Munro
Brian and Sammy get a note to go to the Smoketown Village Guest House. The note wasn't really for them, but good thing they showed up with a mystery involved. They must find out who stole the Ruby Brooch from Mr. Mason.
16. Stepping on the Cracks
Mary Downing Hahn
Margaret and Elizabeth have brothers that are in the war. 3 bullies keep bullying them in school, and they have a hard time with it. One of the bullies, Gordy, tells them that there is a crazy man in the woods and that they should try to find him, but they dont know what their in for.
17. Couragous
Alex Kendrick
Four dads aren't the best fathers. They try to be, but they can't. They try their best to be the best fathers they can be, and they make a commitment to it.
18. Start Something That Matters
Blake Mckoskie
Blake is the founder of TOMS. He wrote this story to tell about his adventure with creating TOMS, and how the business grew..... Later in the book he tells how we could make a difference in our world today.
19. The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
Hugo lived with his father, but then his father died in flames. His father found a mechanical man that he and Hugo worked on together to try to fix. Hugo ends up living with his drunk uncle in a clock tower, getting chased around by inspectors, and finding out things after he fixes the mechanical man. The mechanical man isn't all it seems, it leads Hugo and his friend Isabelle to new mysteries and adventures of George Melies. They found out he was a magician and movie phenomenon, and Hugo trys not to get caught by the inspector when he sneaks around and steals things. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens to Hugo...
20. Gorilla Gorilla
Carol Fenner
Gorilla Gorilla is a gorilla that lived in the forest. He would grow up with his momma gorilla. Suddenly, Gorilla Gorilla was taken by hunters and taken to the zoo. He wasn't free. He had to sit in a cage forever and ever. People didn't notice how he felt since he wasn't in his natural habitat. You will have to read the rest to see if he gets out, or stays in. Or maybe, he will think that there is something the can change his mind.
21. Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis
This story is all about the life up until he became a doctor for Ben Carson. Before he became a surgeon, he has gone through so many tough times throughout his childhood. His dad left his family, their family was going through poverty, he had really bad temper problems, and he was SO close to killing his best friend. But, suddenly everything started to get better. He got accepted to Yale, left Yale to go to medical school, married the love of his life, and throughout all the struggles, he finally became a medical surgeon.
22. The Christmas Shoes
Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Shoes is about a boy named Nathan and has a very sweet and kind mother named Maggie. He lives with his mom Maggie, and dad Jack. But after awhile, Maggie starts to get sick and very ill. And it is right before Christmas. Nathan asked what his mother wanted for Christmas, since it might be her last, and she said beautiful shoes that she danced in years ago that she gave away. Nathan started to search for the shoes in all the stores he could find. He saw them. He tried to collect all the money he had to get them, and he only raised $4.00. The actually shoes were around $14.00. He couldn't bare it. He wanted to give the shoes to his mom. Then a man behind him paid for the rest of the shoes, and realized how much he loved his family. And suddenly, that changed his life forever.
23. Where the Red Fern Grows
Wilson Rawls
A young boy decides to get himself some hunting dogs. When he gets them, he trains them very, very well and the end up being one of the best coon dogs. He decides to go into the Coon Hunting Championship to prove his dogs are the best and can get any coon.
24. Stargirl
Jerry Spinelli
One day, Stargirl enters Mica High school. Stargirl is a very unique and rare girl. She wears different clothes from everyone else, she sings happy birthday at lunch, and she has a pet rat named Cinnamon. How could anyone have something in common with that? But, somehow a boy named Leo started noticing that he did, and that they could possibly be greater than friends.
25. Toy Factory
Ken Munro
Sammy and Brian have to solve a mystery down at Eckman's Electronic Toy Factory. On Mr. Eckman's porch, he had a giant teddy bear, and suddenly, it was stolen. Sammy and Brian go around and try to find out who stole the bear. They suspect a lot of people, and soon, one of them is caught.